K. Sheree Mason



I'm Kimberly Sheree Mason, but you can just call me Sheree. I am a Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, and Stylist whose penchant for fabric and Wearable Art has lead me to pursue a life filled with creative endeavors.
My love for Design has been cultivated by an exceptional education at Florida State University and various internships, freelance projects, and daily additions to my personal wardrobe.

My love for creating the objects we all live our lives in daily (clothes) stems from back in the day when I decided that my day-glo leggings must absolutely have a matching day-glo headband. On a summer day in 1995, I decided to teach myself how to sew utilizing only my mom's 15 year old machine and a beat-up copy of Good Housekeeping's "Sewing". From that moment on, I was hooked and the rest as they say, is history.

Besides Wearable Art, I'm also developing my skill-set in Graphic Design. Other talents include jewelry making, accessory design, and sculpture. Honestly anything to do with creating something, I've probably already done or would love to try.Outside the realm of art, other loves include reading books outside on warm days, traveling to places that make you feel good, discovering great musicians, and handing out sunshine to everyone I meet.If you have any questions or proposals, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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